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Frequently Asked Questions...

What are bad fuel pressure regulator symptoms?

What are some symptoms, I always have to press the gas when i turn on my car and its very rough to start, And the idle changes?, it also stalls out when i switch from park to drive, what are some symptoms of a bad fuel pressure regulator

Best Answer...


fuel pressure regulator is located in the fuel rail and lets the fuel bypass back to the tank when enough pressure is built up,, get a fuel pressure tester from autozone, they rent em for free,, then find your specs, autozone will tell u that too,, then when u have it all hooked up, test the pressure with the vehicle running,, then remove the vacuum line to the pressure regulator or governeer on the fuel raill, if the fuel pressure increases, the regulator is working,,,if u remove the vacuum line and fuel comes out from the regulator it is bad for sure, change the regulator,Art