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Frequently Asked Questions...

How does one go about gauging the value of a "unique" house?

Features like interior "bridges," loads of built-in shelving, open-concept peculiarities, etc, look fantastic to me, but I can see how they might look a little odd to others.

This is a got-a-full-page-in-the-housing... "unique" house.

Are there any rules of thumb vis-a-vis just going with square footage, given that "artistic" house touches add value to some people but decrease it to others to the extent where it ends up as neutral?

It's one thing to compare standard houses where you can say "den, dining room, 4 bedrooms, etc...", but I have no idea where one even starts estimating the value of something like an attached log cabin.

Any thoughts?

Best Answer...


Unique homes are difficult to value. Although they may lack the traditional or neutral look the masses are draw to, it will eventually appeal to that one special buyer. Quality is important when it comes to homes like these. The workmanship must be top notch on these properties, or it could give the overall feel of someones first tree house attempt. Regardless of the oddities, things to always consider, the condition of the roof, wiring, pluming, the foundation, windows, and the location, location oh yeah, location. How big is the lot, traffic issues, etc.