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Frequently Asked Questions...

I have a 1 ton electric dayton hoist. It is wired for 115 single phase power.?

1 ton 1 horse power dayton hoist I need to change the wiring from 115 single phase to 230 single phase Can someone tell me how.

Best Answer...


The motor on your hoist may be a dual-voltage motor. If so, it will have an i.d. plate that says 115/230 on it and will have a wiring diagram for the two modes on/under the plate. If it doesn't, it is far easier to only use one side of a 230 single phase breaker - which is 115 referenced to neutral and is how house power is split out in the breaker panel. 1 horsepower is only 745 watts, so a 10 amp 115volt circuit (11,500 watts) should handle it fine, even with starting surge. Change the power supply, not the motor.