Torque Wrench

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Two simple questions about a torque wrench?

When I remove my wheel later and re-install it, I'll be using a torque wrench:

1) Do you have to reset the wrench after the first lug nut is installed or no?

2) How exactly does it work? Like, I understand how to set it, but what happens if you turn the 'bit piece', does that alter the torque (like it will end sooner than it really is) or?

Best Answer...


Hard to answer and confusing to explain with just a few words on this simple Q&A forum. There are also several different types of torque wrenches, and their use depends on their design. Perhaps you should ask this question at the place where you purchased the torque wrench, or ask a mechanic friend to show you the proper way to use it.