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How do i convince my parents to let me go to the high school i want to?

Ok so i really want to go to Camden Catholic High School but my parents want me to go to Paul VI High School and id rather die than go there. Ive tried sooo hard to convince them to let me go to CCHS but they wont listen! please some suggestions? thanks!

Best Answer...


Your parents probably have a good reason for wanting you to go to Paul VI High School. Try sitting down and just talking to them about why you want to go to CCHS... do they have a good education system? Do they have a safer school environment? Do they offer more college-level classes? Things like this - reasons like my friends go there, it's a cooler school, etc. won't make it through to parents.

I'd suggest asking them why they want you to go to Paul VI, and then discussing why YOU want to go to CCHS. Maybe you can come to a compromise! Good luck.