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LED Deck Lights Kit  Low Voltage White Stainless Steel IP 67 Waterproof
LED Deck Lights Kit Low Voltage White Stainless Steel IP 67 Waterproof
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Wood Deck


Frequently Asked Questions...

is a 2000 psi electric pressure washer good enough to clean siding and wood deck?

I am looking at purchasing a 2000 psi electric washer and want to know if that will be good for cleaning my wood deck and aluminum siding on my house? i also would use it for other smaller misc. cleanings.

Best Answer...


the 2000 psi washer may cause a bit of damage if used too close to the wooden deck, but if used wisely and not on a too long deck it will be effective. If you take the nozzle too close you might see splinters especially if the wood is not very well seasoned. For a siding this will only be effective if the siding is small and neither very wide nor very long.
Best to use an adjustable washer where you can adjust the pressure and then buy something in the range of 3500 to 4000 psi maximum power. Depends on your budget!
To have a little extra power will help you use the washer for long time and will somehow minimize the maintenance.
Best of Luck!

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