Angle Plate

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Frequently Asked Questions...

universal vices and angle plates... milling?

well ive never done milling and i have to write like half a page on workholding devices. I dont understand how these work. i need to know what they are adn advantages of dissadantages. what differece between universal and machine vice? and how do you use a angle plate on a milling machine?

Best Answer...


A machine vice bolts directly onto the mill table and must be "indicated in" to ensure the cuts are straight. I don't know what a universal vice is other than it might be able to adjust to different angles--if so, the vice will be much weaker so be very careful with your cuts so you don't get hurt. An angle plate also mounts directly to the mill table and can be set on various angles using a sine bar and indicator. The work piece is then C-clamped to the angle plate. For precision work, you must first "tram in" the head to the table, assuming you are using a Bridgeport type knee mill.