Arbor Press

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Press fit for a spur gear?

i'm essentially making a half-ton arbor press and i need to press fit the spur gear which has a half inch bore to the shaft that connects to the handle. its gonna see some decent torque, so i was thinking like .005in. i have both a furnace and freezer at my disposal. what do you guys think?
EDIT: i would key it, but the gears i have available aren't keyed and i'd just assume save the hundred some odd bucks it would cost to get the shop to add one..

Best Answer...


0.005 sounds way too big

see here

adding a key would be the best way - you could set screw it in place as well.

ps - i can't imagine adding a key costs more than $50 if you've got a relationship with any tool shop.