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Frequently Asked Questions...

What kind of brightness?

Well the Brightness in my camera (mind you its nto a professional one) its Auto, Dark, Normal, or Bright. What setting do you suggest for the fourth of july fireworks? (if it helps I'll be at the beach at night)

Best Answer...


Are you sure those are not settings for your monitor brightness? How the photos appear on the camera monitor does not correlate to how they are taken. I have never heard such terms as applied to an exposure adjustment, however, point and shoot cameras try to make things easy for people, so they may actually be various exposure adjustments.

Have you not read your camera owner's manual? I have no doubt it will be explained there.

If I had to guess, I would say to put in on BRIGHT. Why? Because fireworks are bright. You want the camera to expose correctly for the bright fireworks. The dark, ambient night is not a concern. If you set it to DARK, it will probably overexpose the fireworks and they will just be blobs of light with no detail.