Bearing Epic

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Bearing Epic


Frequently Asked Questions...

What size arrow spine do I need?

I believe it is called a spine but maybe its spline. I have a Bear Epic Xtreme thats set at 27 inch draw and 60#. Iwill shoot carbon arrows and I was just wanting to know what size I need for a good balance of stregth and speed. I am new to serious archrey hunting so just wanted to be safe. I have shot my old bow quite a bit and will begin practicing as soon as I get arrows and a whisker buscuit. Thanks`1
EDIT lea. this is about a bow annd the arrows i need... that has nothing to do with video games

Best Answer...


Once youy choose an arrow maunufacturer (Beeman, Easton etc. )
go to their website and find the chart for the type you want.
Look up the spline or cat, No. for 'compound bow', ' 27"' 60#
and that'll be the optimum choice.

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