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Frequently Asked Questions...

Who to start at flex? BEST ANSWER WILL GET 10 POINTS?

In a 10 team ESPN standard fantasy football league 10 yards=1 point / TD=7 points
Desean Jackson @ Cleveland
Donald Brown @ Chicago Bears
Titus Young vs St.Louis
Danny Amendola @ Detroit Lions
I am leaning towards Desean Jackson because Joe Haden might be suspended so will help Desean Jackson a ton. Donald Brown has a tough matchup against the Bears so I am kind of in a tough position. BEST ANSWER WILL GET 5 STARS AND 10 POINTS PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY YOU PICK THE PLAYER!

Best Answer...


I would say Desean Jackson. He is against a good Pass Defense but he will most likely rack up the most points. I also just recently read that vick want's to pass more, so Desean could be a sleeper (great player). If donald brown was not playing the bears i would start him, but the bears have a great run defense so i would not start him. Titus young is not a starter this week, even thoug he is against St. Louis, Matt will be targeting Calvin johnson all day. Danny is a new WR on the rams... not a starter untill after week 1... he could be a bust, plus he is facing detroit.... so start Desean.

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