Bearing White

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Does anybody know the answer to the polar bear riddle?

I've never been able to solve the riddle! The riddle goes something like, I make polar bears white, I make girls comb their hair, I make celebrities look stupid, I can make you cry and I make soda bubbly.
Does anybody know the answer?

Best Answer...


The riddle is,
"I turn polar bears white
and I will make you cry.
I make guys have to pee
and girls comb their hair.
I make celebrities look stupid
and normal people look like celebrities.
I turn pancakes brown
and make your champagne bubble.
If you squeeze me, I'll pop.
If you look at me, you'll pop.
Can you guess the riddle?"

The riddle can be answered by most kindergardeners successfully, but not by Harvard graduates.
Since the question asks on the final line, "Can you guess this riddle?" The only correct answer is "No".