Chuck Holder

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how much can i sell my wii stuff for?

i have 1 remote,clear case,nun-chuck,holder for wii, charging station,
my wii and wii games have scratches on them but still work
i have Hannah Montana spotlight world tour,pets dogs 2, m&M's cart racing,bratz the movie,pets horses 2, cosmic family,wario ware smooth moves, and wrestling.

Best Answer...


unfortunately you can not get what you have invested. Look at it this way. You use it played with it had fun and now is time for someone else to use it. if you get $150.00 on craigslist, take it and run. but realistically you can only get around $100.00 dollars for all that stuff. If you want to trade in for a newer system, I suggest you go to game stop. They have the fairest and best deals.
Last month I bought a nintendo console no remotes or nun- chucks not even the cords for $70.00 just the machine. Mine quit reading disks and nintendo repair wanted $95.95 to fix it. This used one works fine. I know you have a lot but, if I were you I trade in on a different system, if that's what you want.