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Conductive Full

Salt water vs. infrastructure (boingboing)

Salt water is still winning. Unfortunately.

Remember back during the Fukushima crisis, when you heard a lot of talk about
why the people trying to save the plant didn't want to use sea water to cool
the reactors? There were a number of reasons for that (check out this
interview Scientific American's Larry Greeenemeier did with a nuclear
engineer), but one factor was the fact that salt water corrodes the heck out
of metal. Pump it into a metal reactor unit and that unit won't be usable

Now, the corrosive power of salt water is in the news again -- and this time
it's ripping through New York City's underground network of subways and
utility infrastructure. I like the short piece that Gizmodo's Patrick DiJusto
put together, explaining why salt water in your subway is even worse than
plain, old regular water:

> When two different types of metal (or metal with two different components)
are placed in water, they become a battery: the metal that is more reactive
corrodes first, losing electrons and forming positive ions, which then go into
water, while the less reactive metal becomes a cathode, absorbing those ions.
This process happens ...


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Electrically Conductive Epoxy Adhesive Description

If you consider adhesives are usually not utilized in the electronics sector, you are set for an awesome surprise! The current market demand for utilizing Electrically Conductive Epoxy Adhesive in the electronics sector has grown rapidly. When it comes to die attachments, chip bonding, and many different applications, some companies utilize epoxies filled up with carbon, silver, as well as nickel. When your intention is develop the perfect conductivity, epoxy loaded with silver may be your most suitable option, however it can certainly be very expensive.

Electrically Conductive Epoxy Adhesive

More than 90% of the electrically conductive, epoxy adhesives used in die bonding are often isotropic. This shows that this adhesive conducts electricity both in the out-of-plane as well as the in-plane directions. More often than not, thermally as well as electrically conductive, Epoxy Adhesive are accessible or even easily obtainable in the form of thixotropic films or plates.

You should keep in mind that paste epoxies packed with silver are available in two types. They are:

• As a one-part composition, that is generally degassed, frozen in small syringes, or premixed.
• As a two-part composition frequently in a syringe, that to needs be mixed.

Each of these two types of products above was created to take advantage of the perfect flow properties the instant the product is distributed by means of automatic dispensing guns for stamping, and screen-printing applications.

Applications and benefits of electrically conductive epoxy adhesive products include:

• A two-part, electrically conductive epoxy adhesive is generally used in electronics component termination, attachments, and many other applications especially in other electromechanical assemblies, membrane keypads, hybrid circuits and semiconductor wafers.
• An electrically conductive epoxy adhesive offers outstanding adhesion to almost all plastics as well as metal substrates. They are usually tough, display outstanding resistance to temperature fluctuations, and enables differences in the coefficients of thermal expansion between two bonded substrates.

Need to learn more information on electrically conductive epoxy adhesives? Don’t be reluctant to reach out and contact Adhesive Systems, your custom adhesives manufacturer!

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Electrically Conductive Epoxy Adhesive – In-Depth Description and Product Benefits

The epoxy adhesive products we manufacture are ideal and most practical for almost all applications, for example; paints and industrial tooling adhesives, coating and composites adhesives, consumer application and electrical system adhesives, electronics and marine application adhesives, wood and ceramic application adhesives etc.
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