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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I bypass a fan relay circuit board on an AC air handler?

My AC is not blowing air it seems because the control board is fried, the board has a fan relay which has 3 connectors, "SPT", "NO", and "NC", is there anyway to make the fan work by putting together any of the cables that connect to the relay, like the NO and the NC? I have ordered a new board online (HK61EA006) but in the meantime I am burning in Tucson, please help...

Best Answer...


Thor's right. Jump across the wire on the SPT terminal,. (may be black) to the wire on the NO terminal, (should definitely be black) and blower will run continuously until power is shut down to unit. (NC wire is probably red, maybe blue, and is for the lower blower speeds, used for heat)
Hope this helps.
20+ yrs hvac tech

Black- high speed, blue and yellow will be mid speeds, red will be low speed, white will be common, capacitor wires will be brown. These are standard colors for residential blower motors. If you're not comfortable jumping the motor wires out, by all means, don't do it. For my own purposes, (Buddy's garage furnace) I saved him from buying a $250 control board by using an auxiliary relay to run the blower, bypassing the one on the board....but again, to err on the side of safety, if you're not handy, or don't understand the concept, then Johnie is right.
Best of luck.