Digital Elite

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Western Digital Elite 500GB transferring files, how to use?

I bought the WD Elite 500GB, however I don't know how to transfer files using Windows 7 because WDsync.exe doesnt work. Can I just transfer the files by moving them (copying and paste) without using WD sync, does it ruin the hard drive? I want to see the files I transfer, I bought it not just for backup, I bought it to transfer my files. When transfering it using wdsync it just shows how many have been transferrerd but doesnt show the files. I don't know what I am doing, how to I reformat the harddrive to factory settings?

Best Answer...


Copying files doesn't damage the drive. The fact that it's a Western Digital makes it "pre-damaged" - they haven't come out with a good drive in years. If it's new,. see if you can return it and get a Seagate. (I replace about 100 WDs [or more] for every Seagate I work on - most of which don't need replacement.)

To format the drive, right-click on the drive, then select Format. Format it as an NTFS drive, dull (not quick) format. It'll take a long time.