Easton Velomax

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Easton Velomax

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is 1100.00 too much for a 2006 used San Lorenzo Bianchi Race bike?

Its in good condition has no saddle or pedals. SRAM 10 speed rival shifters, derailleurs, cranks...
SRAM road shifting feels great, is lighter than ultegra, and is fully serviceable.
Easton velomax race wheels...Is this too much money for this. Oh and the wheels are really sweet
These wheels are light, fast, and really reliable (a rare combination!).

Best Answer...


That's a steal for that much. If you're worried about the bucks for the missing stuff (seat, pedals) don't, bike shops have used parts too. I haven't bought a brand new set of look system pedals in my life. Saddles are such a personal preference thing that you really can't go with someone else's saddle. Again a friend or the shop probably has a bucket of used seats they're willing to give away for 15 bucks. A buddy of mine paid a mint for a seat then he found out it hurt him so he just gave it to me ($100 value).

Heck just for the SRAM Rival you'd be paying around 900 bucks for and that's without the bike. Bunch of the big dogs are running SRAM for the tour this year. Count yourself lucky and go put something down on that bike so they hold it for you!

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