Flute Tap

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Shop Question, What's the best brand and type of tap for power tapping metal with a air ratchet..?

I usually just use the stock taps at work but I'm getting into road service work and want to buy a nice durable set for myself. I like the 2 flute taps because their strong but Whats the good brand. Also, I've never used spiral taps, are those better for hand power tapping than 2 flutes. Just for fun, give a nod if you miss the old school tap magic with the 1,1,1 trichloroethane. Nothing out there works the same or as good.
I said air ratchet which I use all the time and never break taps, not air impact and 111 was also used to develop photographs, what's your point? Dont say you have something better and then not say what it is.

Best Answer...


Don't buy Chinese tooling, have done lots of power tapping, wouldn't try impact ratchet either, used a lot of drill motors with torque limiters. Proto used to make decent taps, titanium tipped as long as their made in the U.S., Germany, Swiss or even the Japanese makes good tooling, and I also liked Tap Magic, I still have a partial can hid back if I was able to find it, has been 6 years since I left industry, Starrett machining instruments were always my favorite to use.