Full Ceramic

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Full Ceramic

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My hair is damaged from straightening it everyday, can i get a straight perm?

I was wondering..
Okay since like 6th grade i have been straightening my hair EVERYDAY practically and im in beginging of 8th grade now. I use matrix shampoo and conditioner. My hair is starting to get damaged i have a cortex straightener (its supposed to be FULL ceramic so its not supposed to damage my hair, but i have SO MANY split ends i can like pull my hair a little and then split ends come out. I dont know what to do. Would it be better if i keep straightening it everyday or is getting a straight perm better? (if yes for straight perm it would be my first time getting one)

Best Answer...


i have been dying and straightening my hair for a long time and i just got a straight perm. it made my hair EXTREMELY damaged. (i did know that it would be, but not as much as it was)
i wouldn't suggest this if you are worried about spilt ends. it also depends how curly/thick your hair is, if its very curly or wavy its probably not worth it, since it can't straighten it perfectly with out breaking off.
you should try to deep condtion your hair with "its a ten" hair products. it worked great for me!! its a bit expensive, but i would definatly say its worth it.

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