Grooving Inserts

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How much will this cost to fix my headlights?

97 Dodge Intrepid my headlamps plastic screw housings broken on both headlamps (L & R) and the small metal groove inserts are embedded into the plastic and the plastic that holds them are also broke. How much will it cost for this to be repaired, I have the replacement Headlamps and the bulbs and stuff. And the Foglight screws are sorta having the same problem.

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Try going to Auto zone they should have replacement screws and clips that you can use to change the ones out on your car if not the Zone the try a Dodge dealer if you can either drive the car down there or at least take one of the screws and clips off of your car to show them they probably either have them is stock or can order them and you also can ask the parts man how hard they are to replace