Kennametal Top

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Frequently Asked Questions...

i have boxes of kennametal Top Notch inserts can you help tell me what they are worth?

they are in the yellow boxes of 5, dont look used at all, i have NG4125R KC810............ Ng4250L KC810.......KENLOC Inserts Cnms643 k21.......KENLOC inserts snmg432 KC850 and TPG322 KC850.......... also an open but onused red box of sandvik coromant color key Cnmg 12 04 12-pm

Best Answer...


Call Kennmetal. Tell them you want a price quote and ask them to give you their price for the items you have. Then you will probably have to sell them at some discount because you are not offering any value other than the value of the parts themselves, you are not offering a warranty, not offering any expertise, you are just trying to unload them.