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Frequently Asked Questions...

I need either Tungsten or Tantalum metal flats or sheets cut?

Where can I go to get metal cut for me in a particular way?
I require either Tungsten or Tantalum cut in flats measuring (L=40cm, W= 20cm, T= 7cm)
Also which is the cheapest metal out of these two and what price could I expect per piece for either, with the measurements I have given?

Best Answer...


the best way to get an idea for this would be to contact machine shops and metal suppliers. get out the yellowpages and search. A machine shop will be able to cut a metal much cheaper than any thing you can build to do it unless you need to do it 1000 times and are an expert in controls. most machine shops have business relationships with metal suppliers and can order the metal for you and include it in the price. As far as getting a machining quote, supply them with dimensions and tolerances (tolerances tell them how far off will be acceptable). these are rare metals as far as machining goes, so they may need you to supply it. if this is the case you will have to find a supplier also. once again just use the internet or a phonebook and start calling. if a supplier cant find it they may know who will be able to. I would suggest getting price quotes from multiple suppliers/machine shops to make sure you are getting a good price. Also, there are different grades to any metal, so you may have to specify heat treatments or quenching processes, so do some research into that to make sure you get the metal properties you need (find common treatments for these metals, try online searches or ask the shops what properties they can provide).