Needle Bearing

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How tight should a needle bearing be?

I have an aprilia 280cc (mid eighties) trial bike, it makes a horrible noise when running. I have taken off the head and barrel, the gudgeon pin is snug in the piston, however, the little end bearing does have a small amount of play. The big end which I think is also needle bearing (havent split casings yet) seems to have slightly more, the con rod can pivot side to side, about 3mm when measured at the little end.
Is new bearings the way to go or is something more serious and expensive indicated?
The con rod pviot is without the head and barrel, rings piston and bore are all in good nick.

Best Answer...


This bike has the Rotax two stroke engine, and will have needle roller big ends.

Side to side movement is not so much of an issue compared to 'up and down' free play - anything at all and the crank needs rebuilding.

I would be more inclined to look at the piston fit in the bore, as these engines do suffer from 'piston slap'