Roller Chain

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Roller chain questions/drivetrain questions... (Robotics, I guess)?

Hey, wondering about roller chain;

Cheaper to use multiple bike chains for same torque in a transmission?

Sprockets have to be same gauge as chain?
Need to stick to same keyway size in all shafts/sprockets?

And then does most roller chain include this mounting plate kinda thing? or did this guy really buy like 100 of those specialty links?

Thank you for your time and have a great day!

Best Answer...


roller chain can be an easy and cheap way of transmitting torque, hence used on push bikes. yes the sprockets have to have the same pitch as the roller chain, but can have different diameters. in your picture the top plates have been made then riveted to the roller chain, hence two rivets to hold each plate in place, which has 2 angle mounts on it, see the attached link right picture showing 2 angle mounts or brackets per chain link.

normally you buy it in a length, or number of links, and one connecting (joiner) link. the people selling the chain will also sell the spockets, with different diameters and different shaft sizes and whatever keyways you want.