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Frequently Asked Questions...

wet seal quality of clothes?

I've read that wet seal dosnt have the greatest quality. is this true? if so what other stores have the same style of clothes? also if is bad quality how can I make there clothes last longer? thanks in advance!

Best Answer...


no their clothes are not of a great quality. think forever21 or melrose. that's why they're so inexpensive.

if you wanna make them last longer then wash everything on delicate and try not to stretch it out. put it on plastic hangers not wire... (no more wire hangers!!!) and if hang your stuff on a clothes line... don't... lay it flat to dry... or in the dryer put it on delicate as well...

also as long as you didn't get all smelly and sweaty or super dirty... you can wear something more than once so you don't have to wash it as often. say you just wore it to the movies and back home or something. then you can hang it and wear it again later.