Section Bearing

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SilverThin Bearings 3 8 x 3 8 Thin Section Bearing SC060XPO
SilverThin Bearings 3 8 x 3 8 Thin Section Bearing SC060XPO
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Section Bearing


Frequently Asked Questions...

Mommys out there who had a c-section need your help pls?

I am 7 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby. I have had 2 c-sections already. And this pregnancy will also end in c-section. Bear with me I have a few questions.

Is it normal after the baby is born, they don't show you the baby? They take the baby away and you don't get to see or breastfeed him/her for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, you have to wait till you go to your room? The reason I asks is with my daughter they took her away and I didn't get to see her till I was taken to my room. EVERYONE in my family touched and held her before I even got to see my baby. With my son it was the same, besides they didn't let no one see him till I was taken to my room.

I have a new doctor, so was curious if this was your experience. And another thing won't the baby be hungry, I am going to breastfeed, will the baby have to wait 2 hours?

Best Answer...


I had a c-section 7 months ago with my first child. As soon as she was removed from me, I saw her over the curtain, then the nurse brought her over to me briefly before they took her to the next room to get all the usual things done.

After I was stitched up in the operating room, I was wheeled into the room she was in and was able to hold and see her for probably a good half hour. I was being monitored during this time as well.

Perhaps you can ask your new doctor how things will go down, express your concern and request that you get some time with her once the c-section is over.

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