Thread Plug

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I cant get my plugs to fit!?

Ive been at an 8g for awhile and bought internally threaded plugs to put in. They are the same size and i got one in but the other one will not go in! I dont know if its because the lip is different or what but i need some advice because i look goofy with one in and the other one a taper lol..
i havent been wearing the taper i just put it in until i get the other one in

Best Answer...


use some plain ky jelly to lubricate the plug before inserting it, it probably wont fit because tapers aren't meant to be worn, they should ONly be used for stretching and a plug should be inserted directly after you stretch, leaving tapers in a jewelry causes uneven healing due to the weight imbalance of the jewelry in the future don't wear tapers as jewelry and you wont have this issue again