Thrust Bearing

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Rover 416 1999 thrust bearing! (noisy)?

I replaced the full clutch kit just four months ago and the thrust bearing is not sounding healthy! I have never had such a problem with any other vehicles?

Can you fit a thrust bearing wrong?

Is there anything i should know?

Thanks (Bardic)
I will have a good look at that (release fork) this time!

(Country Boy)
Yes, it was a full kit, but it was not the top of the range one, and it was certainly not an original part. Just the usual replacement pattern clutch kit. I fitted a few clutches but never on a Rover. Thanks.

Thanks. YES it’s the (Throughout Bearing) and clutch kit.
And YES, it can only fit one way. A few people have said it’s probably just a poor standard bearing and I have not done anything wrong?

Best Answer...


I believe you are talking about the THROW-OUT BEARING ,You have the flywheel.clutch disc,pressure plate,then the THROW-OUT BEARING which is slid onto the transmissions input shaft housing or mounted in front of the clutch slave cylinder on much newer transmissions.
That bearing usually fits one way on the fork for a mechanical clutch(locks up to a retainer clip or a position that it sets or nests into when the clutch fork is mounted onto it's pivot ball .The Throw-out bearings surface makes contact with the pressure plate fingers to open the clutch when the pedal is pushed down .The bearing spins up to the clutch at contact to speed .If the bearing is in constant contact all the time it may run hot and burn out .Even sealed bearings can fail over excessive friction.The bearing is not supposed to be in 100% constant contact if you want a really long service life from it .If it is installed backwards (doubtful) because I am pretty sure there is not enough surface area on the carrier to reach or open the clutch to even shift gears.
If it is failing it will squeal,and grind in noise or it may rattle on the shaft as well .If it is too large to sit snug on the shaft it will wobble and rattle too from loose tolerance of clearance.