Tig Mig

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Frequently Asked Questions...

tig,mig or flux wire welder

i am going to be welding new metal on my car what kind of welder would best suit what i need. also i want to fabricate some part what kind would work better for a little thicker metal
or even arc

Best Answer...


a tig welder would be the best. It is designed for clean, precision welder but it is alot harder to use than mig because the process is quite similiar to brazing but you actually melt the base metal. mig welders are alot cheaper and they are the easiest to use, point and weld. flux core welding is mig welding with a different wire. the flux core uses not only the gas like a mig does but also a composite material that creates a smoke that pushes oxygen away when it burns. If you are going to do this in a garage, then a mig will do fine the fluxcore wire is just added protection for outdoor applications usually. when buying a mig welder though (if you don't have one) I recommend getting one that runs on 220 rather than your household outlet. Those ones won't work well on anything thicker than 1/16 inch