Torch Head

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Question about torch, please help?

HELP I cannot get my propane torch lit. I have a self igniting torch&usually just turn up the gas and press the starter button and it fires right up.I am having a hard time now.tried a lighter thinking it could be the igniter in my torch head no luck. My step dad has tried it a few things, tried taking the canister off the head and putting it back on. We have adjusted the oxygen intake, any suggestions?
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I assume you can hear the propane . Have tried to ignite the propane and have verrified the tank is reasonably full. If you have propane flowing too much the mixture of gas/ oxygen is too rich to igninte. If too little, not enough gas to burn/ignite,Either way, you may have a splatter of somthing that landed on the nozzle and is restricting the flow.