Aluminium Clad

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Frequently Asked Questions...

may i know about aluminium clad?

i need to know about aluminium clad propeties and the combination of materials...
i need to know about the aluminium clad 7075-T6 in helicopter structure... please help me....i hope, i can get the materials properties and the chemial equation.

Best Answer...


The term for the material you seek is "alclad", and it refers to sheet and plate of a high strength alloy (like 7075) that has a thin layer of a more corrosion resistant alloy on it. 7005, I believe, is the alloy that is clad onto 7075, but you'll have to check the teal sheets, available at, to verify that.

So try the google search on the term "alclad 7075", and if nothing else you'll get to Alcoa's pdf brochure on the topic. That should get you started. Write if you need more assistance- I'm not that hard to find.