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Frequently Asked Questions...

Monitor blacks out.. anyone with a probable cause?

For some time the monitor on our dell will black out after a few minutes. The amber LED on the monitor will be lit. The computer can only be restarted through a hard reboot (rather than ctrl+alt+del). We've switched monitors, one CRT and one flat screen. Both have the same problem on that computer but work fine on a second computer so I'm sure it's neither the monitor nor cables.

Tried to changed the frame refresh rate through the display properties. Seemed to work until the lady of the house touched the computer :P . Also, AOL mail seems to crash it everytime. That may have nothing to do with it.

I'm thinking the graphics card could be going but wondering if something like AOL mail would take more graphics memory than regular websites (just normal emails). Any other ideas?

Any helps is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Best Answer...


this happened to a dell i have, and i ended up having to send it in and they repaired it but never really gave an explanation of what caused it....but i can for sure say its not the monitor it something wrong with the pc.