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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I find how much power my PC's power supply puts out?

Best Answer...


It's on the caseing.

A power supply supplies power throughout the computer. Power supplies convert potentially lethal 110-115 or 220-230 volt alternating current (AC) into a steady low-voltage direct current (DC) usable by the computer. A power supply is rated by the number of watts it generates.

WARNING: Do not open the power supply, it contains capacitors which can hold Electricity (WHICH CAN KILL) even if the computer is power off for a week, if not longer. If you do open it, WHICH IS NOT RECOMMENDED, take all precautions and ensure you work with one arm behind your back to direct the electricity away from the heart. Also ensure that you have no jewelry on (such as a watch or rings). However, again, THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED, and still cannot protect you 100% and is still potentially dangerous. Because of these precautions, no extensive information will be found on this page about opening power supplies.

Currently in the industry there are eight power supply form factors. Each of these form factors can have various amounts of configurations and power output levels.

PC / XT..................LPX
Baby AT.................SFX

Power management was designed for convenience as it easier to have your computer go into power standby and be able to press a key on your keyboard or move your mouse and instantaneously be back where you were and for saving power. This is especially important on portable computers when using the battery as your main power source.

Power supplies have a female 4 pin connector that is used to connect to a CD-ROM or Hard Drive.

Pin Wire Color Signal:
1.......... Yellow +12v
2........... Black Ground
3........... Black Ground
4........... Red +5v

Pin Number Color Function Connector
1. Orange "Power Good" P8
2. Red (XT No Wire) +5V DC P8
3. Yellow +12V DC P8
4. Blue -12V DC P8
5. Black Ground P8
6. Black Ground P8
7. Black Ground P9
8. Black Ground P9
9. Black Ground P9
10. Yellow -5V DC P9
11. Red +5V DC P9
12. Red +5V DC P9

Hope this help you somewhat.