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Frequently Asked Questions...

What do all of the components of a dot a matrix printer do?

I'm doing a project on dot matrix printers. I know all the parts of it, but I don't know what all of them do. Here are the parts I need definitions for:

power supply board
power transformer
main control board
paper motor feed
home position sensor
timing belt
printhead assembly
printhead positioning motor
control panel

any help would be appreciated! thanks!
dot matrix***

Best Answer...


power supply board - provides regulated power of different voltages for various components of printer.

power transformer - transforms input voltage to a higher or lower voltage required for the power supply to use.

main control board - controls the various components of the printer to work together in order to print and to process the incoming data into a format the printer can use

paper motor feed - usually a stepper motor that controls how fast and when the paper is advanced

home position sensor - detects when the print head/carriage is positioned in a certain location (usually to one side) so it knows where the printhead is to start print on a line

timing belt - usually used to move the printhead/carriage in a fixed and controlled motion

printhead assembly - the print mechanism that contains the pins that are moved back and forth across the paper and fired at the correct times to create characters using dots

printhead positioning motor - the motor that drives the printhead back and forth across the paper

control panel - user interface to select and display printer functions and options

Best of luck.