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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can I use Dupont Lubricant (with Teflon) - Dry Type for my Bike Chain?

I have Trek 1500 Road bike with SpeedPlay X-5 pedal on it. Please suggest me if I use Dupont Lubricant (with Teflon) -"Dry Type" for bike chain and the speedplay cleats and pedal's O-ring. Here is the link of the product:-


Will it be safe for Road Bike chain? If I need to use 'White Light' only but it is I think White Light is WET type (wet gets dust quickly)?

Best Answer...


It should be okay... It won't harm your chain, but I don't know how thick it is. the product description says it is okay for chains.

White lightning is actually a wax based lubricant, and is very effective at shedding dirt off the chain (they advertise it as self cleaning). I would still recommend this or a bike lube specifically engineered for road riding.