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Frequently Asked Questions...

Getting a job with an associate degree in computer science when I already have a bachelor degree in marketing?

I received a bachelor of Science degree in Marketing two years ago. After I graduate I realize this wasn't the right career for me, so I decided to pursue an associate of science degree in computer programming. I would like to know:

1) what kind of job can I get with just an Associate Degree in computer programming? I don't plan of getting a BS in computer science.

2) How will having a bachelor degree affect an employer’s perception of me?

Best Answer...


It is often said that when you ask you find answers,well you are just so lucky to get this at your way . you can get that job on computer configuration and stuff like that,i am a living figure cos i work here as an engineer in the department of networking and i got my employement straight it was introduced to me by my aunt.. Mr Craig is the agent to a company group that is most reliable.( VENUS INTERNATIONAL VENTURES LIMITED) and its subsidiaries are principally engaged in the marketing and distribution of
quality electrical appliances and hi-tech products, including the
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air-conditioning unit, 'GALA' washing machine, air purifier,
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