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Frequently Asked Questions...

looking for ideas for colour and light project?

hi, I am a teacher of a colour and light module for the first time. I am having difficulty coming up with ideas for the end of year project. Help!

Best Answer...


Hi Kitty

Not sure exactly what level you're teaching. You could try doing experiments based on colour perception and the colour content of light.

For example, if you can get a couple of prisms or small spectrometers, you could get the students to look at the spectral content of various lights. Start with fluorescent tubes, then move on to LEDs and gas vapour lamps. See if they can work out the content of a gas by matching the emission lines to known gas spectra? You could move on from there to looking at stellar spectra or laser lines.

For more advanced students, you could consider what happens if you put the vapour lamps in a magnetic field - look at line splitting through the Zeeman effect?

If the students are at a more basic level, look at things like refractive index - total internal reflection and Brewster's angle, maybe? How about birefringence - sellotape is good for that.