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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can a steering wheel be too loose?

I have a Nissan Frontier, manual, starter and cluch ignition sensor died on me and thus had to move the truck around to properly allow the tow truck to pick it up. Had the truck fixed but now the steering wheel feels very loose. I feel i can move it right & left about an 1-2 inches and it stays straight. Before the tow it was comfortably tight enough to react the instant i moved right or left. Is this fixable (tightened). Can it be left for later?

Best Answer...


YES, it is very possible. its not the hardest thing to fix if you know what you doing. it can be as simple as loosening a nut and turning a bolt! idk about on your frontier where it would be. but you can also have it over tightened too. to where its almost hard to move the wheel and once moved seems like you swaying all over the road bec of over steering. so be sure not to over tighten it. ask your local mechanic where you can adjust it. its normally a very easy process.