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Frequently Asked Questions...

Need some help on LED brightness comparison?

Hi everyone,

I'm planning on installing LED lights in the interior of my car. I've read about the legality, and it seems that green lights are legal on the interior.

I have found suppliers that offer a 23,000 mcd LED with a viewing angle of 15 degrees, and another LED that is rated at 8,000 mcd and has a viewing angle of 10 degrees.

I want something that will produce a bright glow, as the light bars will be hidden from direct view. There will be an LED every 1/2" of the light bars. None of the commercial light bar manufacturers are able to supply me with either a lumen rating or a candela rating, so I have nothing to compare this with.

I have little experience with lighting but a fair amount of experience with circuits and the like.

Which would be the better buy for me, in terms of brightness? Is the higher mcd rating a brighter LED, and is 23,000 mcd bright enough for my application?

Best Answer...


mcd means millicandela. the prefix milli- means one-thousandth.

so obviously the 23 candela LED is brighter than the 8 candela LED.

A common candle emits light with a luminous intensity of roughly one candela. So imagine the light from 23 candles vs. the light from only 8 candles.