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Need help finding replacement transistor.?

The device I am making calls for a MJE3055 TO220 transistor. The maximum voltage going through it should be 12 v. I got the rest of my parts at radio shack except for this one. So, instead of ordering one, is there another type of transistor I can get instead of this one? Any specs on this transistor would also be helpful. Thanks!

Best Answer...


The MJE 3055 is almost as common as dirt. A TIP130 would work in it's place. A 2N3055 is the same device. Go to the NTE website, plug in the number you have and see what they say about it.
This transistor, as best that I recall is a NPN power transistor, 15 amps collector current, Collector/ Emitter voltage of over 100 volts, and a Base/Emitter voltage of 20 volts. You can also do a web search for the data sheet for your transistor that will give you the exact specifications for it.
The TO220 part is just the case style, and nothing more. In this case, it is a flat pack with the 3 leads coming out of the same side. The collector is going to be the middle lead, with the bare metal mounting side of the pack electrically the same as the collector lead.