Orange Led

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Frequently Asked Questions...

i hooked up led lights into my ac control and now my speed mph gauge doesnt work ?

and also my door locks will unlock but it wont lock unless i turn the car off and take out the key i tried changing my orange led lights in the ac control to red ones but i geuss the red ones take to much power after i pluged the ac control back into the dash wires my headlights starting going on and off like a car alarm but i dont have one and then my blinkers kept going on and off after i turned it off and took out the ac control then my battery went completely dead i was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this i just got a gauge cluster off ebay but it hasnt arrived i was wondering if i had to buy a new computer or something else thats expensive

Best Answer...


one of the regulator fuses is out.
It can be tested by popping the top off the regulator fuse and touch it with your finger with the vehicle on.