Phase Motor

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What are the effects on a 3 phase AC motor if I lose one phase?

I'm interested in learning what happens to a three phase motor if one phase loses power 1) while running, 2) prior to start?

I've I've got a three phase motor with only two phases still good, can I manually rotate it to give it a "kick start" so it will continue to run in two phases?

Best Answer...


While you probably *can*, it's not a good idea.

"When one phase is lost, a loaded three phase motor cannot start or may stall under load...the current flowing in the remaining winding(s), will increase to 600% of the nameplate rating...Winding insulation subjected to locked rotor current may fail in as little as 15 to 90 seconds. This winding insulation damage is permanent and cumulative. Motors should not be started during phase loss and if they stall, they must be disconnected immediately."

"the life of a motor operating with a 3% continuous voltage unbalance (at full load) will be cut in half."