Positive Voltage

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how do you supply a negative voltage to an operational amplifier like LM741 anfd LF356?

it was mentioned by my senior that i am to supply a negative twelve volts (-12 V) to the negative supply pin of the OP-Amp LM741 and LF356 (e.g. pin 4) and a positive voltage supply to the positive pin (e.g pin 7)...the latter i understand, what confuses me is the "negative voltage supply" part. my senior clearly told me that pin 4 was not GROUNDED. how am i supposed to supply a negative voltage to an op-amp?

Best Answer...


You are missing some basic concept, let me try to explain....
If the operational amplifier has to deal with AC (or audio) signals which go into "plus" as well as into "minus" compared with a 'Null point" (which you call "ground"), then your OpAmp has to be able to deal with that by having a voltage supply that reaches across that "plus-and-minus spectrum" of voltages. That's why you need +15V on Vcc (pin 7), and -15V on Vee (pin 4). The 0 Volt ("ground") are certainly not connected to the LM741, they are only your "ground" for the input and the output signals.