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Frequently Asked Questions...

How would I connect a subwoofer without a dedicated rca output?

The head unit only has front R & L and rear R & L RCA outputs and no dedicated Subwoofer output. I have a 4 channel amp with the RCAs to drive my front and rear speakers. Now I have a SVC 12" subwoofer and another amp. I connected a power distribution block but I'm not sure of the best way to split the RCA if that's what I'm supposed to do.

Best Answer...


Well, if you simply split the rca's on the rear channel, it will work.
The best way in your situation is to check your 4 channel amp to see if it has a pre-out. Usually a decent 4 channel amp will have 2 sets of inputs for front and rear, and 1 set of pre-outs. If it does, you can just run a set of rca's from there to your amp.
The thing you want to be concerned most about is the crossover. Some 4 channel amps will have a built in crossover dedicated for the pre-out so you can designate that pre-out for a sub using the built in low pass filter. But just be sure to adjust your sub amp's crossover to around 100hz to make it sound nice.

If you dont have a pre-out on the 4 channel, you can also use a line driver, (like stated above with the speaker wire) as this may be your only other option.
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