Slow Blow

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I have a JVC HR-S3901U vcr that blew it's fuse after a power brownout. Is fuse a fast or slow blow type?

I can't get an answer to this question from any service/repair centers or JVC. The circuit board in the vcr next to the fuse holder says: 1.25A/250V/T2AL. The (original) fuse that blew has a fairly thick filament inside compared to one I tried (a fast acting) to replace it with that blew immediately. No clue on fuse as to what type it is. I hope that the only problem is the fuse but not knowing which type is correct for this vcr prevents me from further investigation. I would like to fix this problem myself as cost would be too high to warrant a service center repair on this machine. If in fact it is a slow blow style I can order from Radio Shack (they don't sell this type in this amperage in their retail stores for some reason). Any help would be great! Thanks.

Best Answer...


you have a problem in power supply is a slow blow type.if it blow again go to a service center.