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How do you wire a Les Paul style toggle switch as a 2-way killswitch?

I'm trying to figure out how to wire a 3-way toggle switch as a killswitch on my Fender Squire Stratocaster just like how Tom Morello has his wired on his Fender Stratocaster "Soul Power" guitar. I tried looking on YouTube, but I couldn't find any videos that demonstrated how to do it from start to finish.

Best Answer...


Hello there,

This diagram shows a momentary switch. The wiring is the same if you use a toggle.

You need two wires. There are two terminals on your output jack. A hot and a ground. Solder one of those wires you have to each terminal. One wire soldered to the hot. Another soldered to the ground. Do not remove the lead wires soldered to the terminals. Simply add another wire to each.

Next for the other end of those 2 wires. They run to the switch. In that diagram there are only 2 terminals. If you use a 3 way toggle there are more terminals. Your switch will look like the one in this video.

At about 1:40 he shows the switch. You will solder one of the wires to each of the outside terminals.

After you are finished if your guitar is always off. Go back to the toggle switch and reverse the wires. Move them to the opposite ends. You should end up with on in one position only.