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Frequently Asked Questions...

On a gear, what is the difference between square teeth and pointed teeth?

I was watching a TV show last night that was explaining an ancient machine. No one was able to replicate the "technology" of this machine because all who tried assumed that the gears involved used square teeth, but finally someone tried it using pointed teeth and the machine finally worked properly. I do not understand how this would make a difference.

Best Answer...


square teeth interfere with each other, meaning they grind the corners down because of how they fit together. to get over this you would make the gear teeth thinner, but your machine wouldn't be nearly as accurate anymore.

by making pointed teeth (triangles) you can have them mesh together better. this allows smaller tolerances and more accuracy.

new gears use involute curves; which are designed to perfectly mesh together almost 100% of the time ensuring accurate control of the gearing mechanisms.