White Leds

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Frequently Asked Questions...

In details below, how much should be the values of capacitor and series resistance for LEDs on mains 230 VAC ?

Two strings of bright white LEDs in parallel , each string containing 9 bright white LEDs in series.( 9+9=18 LEDs total)
The LEDs are to be run on 230 VAC through a series capacitor and not on step down transformer.

Best Answer...


I suggest that you read this application note on transformerless power supplies. It provide guidance on the design of such circuits. You really need to consider more than how do i just swap X . You really need to go through an electronic design sequence where you take into accout the properties of ALL components in you circuit. This means looking at data sheets , computing values and selecting rated components to build your circuit with. Remember that you will be dealing with main voltage AND CURRENT ! A safe circuit begins with a safe design