Wirewound Resistor

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Frequently Asked Questions...

LED lighting resistor(s)?

I'm wiring up some lighting to run off a 12VDC 1A power source. the basic circuit looks like this

(+) ----------L1----L2-----L3------R----- (-)

L1,L2,L3 are the same High power LEDs with 3.2~3.5V & 700mA ratings

according to my calculations i need 2.2-3.5 ohms of resistence and ~2W of power resistance for the resistor.

now that that's out of the way :P

Can i use two(2) 1ohm 1W in series to get my 2ohms and 2W?

if not, would there be a performance hamper if i were to use a 10ohm 10W wirewound resistor?


Best Answer...


Yes, you can and should use two 1 ohm resistors in series. No, you don't want to use a 10 ohm resistor because the brightness will diminish significantly.

What you might consider, especially if your supply is not trimmable, it to use 1.2 ohm resistors instead, then trim one of them with a 10 or 20 ohm resistor or two, in order to set the exact illumination level that you want.

Shunting one of the 1.2 ohm resistors with a ten or twenty ohm resistor will increase the current and hense the brightness. These shunt resisitors need not be larger than quarter watt.