12 Acrylic

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12 Acrylic

Fracking Repair Droid (Ikea Hacker)

**Materials:** Stainless Steel, Aluminium ( Aluminum ), Acrylic, Electronics,
Oh and Ikea Blanda bowls!

**Description: **A 22nd century autonomous droid like device designed to
repair the subterranean fracture damage caused by Shale and Coal Gas mining
called Hydraulic Fracking that was done during the late 20th and early 21st

IKEA items used for this work that I call the "Fracking Repair Droid" were
some IKEA kitchen condiment bowls in stainless steel called "Blanda" - a 50mm
diameter size and a 120mm size.

The Blanda bowls are used in the knee joints and for the main top and bottom
body bowls. I used 12 small 50mm Blanda bowls for the knee joints, six made up
the spherical shape and another six made up the smaller backing cups ... these
hide the centre screws that holds the two hemispheres together. In between the
two hemispheres is a plate of acrylic machined to emit light from 2 LEDs in
each knee joint.

These Blanda bowls used for the Knee Joints on the leg/arms of this "Fracking
Repair Droid" were hacked by machining the outer surface in a Lathe, drilling
bolt holes whilst in the Lathe, welding stainless steel nuts ...

Ikea Hacker

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Painting A Waterfall in Acrylics

Guide To Keeping Your Acrylic Bathtubs Clean

It is hard to find a house nowadays that does not feature an acrylic bathtub. Because it is a widely popular type of bathtub, questions about how to keep it clean are are common among homeowners. It is a good idea to learn more about how you can properly maintain acrylic bathtubs before purchasing them. The fact is, you need not worry about cleaning your acrylic bathtub since it is easy to do and does not require any special cleaning solutions. While it is true that acrylic tubs are designed to be scratch resistant, you might still want to go easy on the use of scrubs and scouring pads to maintain its beauty. For those wondering how often they need to clean their bathtubs, the frequency depends a lot on how often you use the them. Most of the time, once every couple of weeks is enough, or once a week if you shower in the tub as well as soak in it.

So how exactly do you clean your acrylic bathtub? First of all, avoid getting bath mats and rugs soaked by keeping it away from the tub. You then need to fill the tub with an inch of warm water and wipe it's surface using a sponge with a small amount of soap, dipping the tub into the warm water before wiping down the tub. Choose soap that you'll use on your acrylic corner tubs wisely, read the labels - the soap should be safe to use for anything with an acrylic surface. Never use soaps that contain chemicals that can cause paint to peel off, as this can damage the surface of your bathtub. After you have drained the water from the tub, check if a second scrubbing is needed and repeat the procedure until all soap grime has been washed off.

Do not just pay attention to the bathtub when it comes to cleaning it. This is because soap scum also tends to accumulate in the faucet, shower fixtures and other attachments. Make sure you will carefully wipe all these parts clean using a sponge or cloth. If you find that the stains on your whirlpool bathtubs cannot be removed with simple soap, you may want to use commercial grade tub cleaners, again carefully reading the labels to make sure they are safe for acrylic tubs. After you have scrubbed off the entire bathtub, turn on the water and rinse the cleaner off. Lastly, you need to wipe the bathtub and its fixtures dry using a soft clean cloth. Do remember to avoid using harsh chemicals to help preserve the beauty of the bathtub and avoid damage.
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